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January 2012
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The following are all gen team adventure/drama stories, many with an emphasis on Daniel and Jack friendship.

STORIES 2012   

Eye of the Storm: SUMMARY: Eye trading is nothing new on Shadna, until SG-1 finds themselves in the center of a turbulent deception. 72 KB

Travelogue: SUMMARY: Jack and Daniel have a normal (depending on one's point of view) discussion in the briefing room. Very short8 KB

Wallowing in the Wings: SUMMARY: SG-1 is having a difficult time figuring out the aliens on a new planet. But when it comes right down to it,  who’s really figuring out whom? 72 KB

Whoa, What a Dream: SUMMARY: This is a next-day tag to Holiday, Season 2. The code for his life; it's all news to Daniel. 16 KB 

STORIES  2008 - 2010

SUMMARY: SG-1 may have made a fatal mistake as Daniel is left behind. 36 KB  
   Not in the Plans: SUMMARY: As a last resort  to placate the Pentagon's needs, SG-1 is forced to venture to the newly-terraformed, hostile environment of the Gadmeer. 60 KB  
   Crystal Clear: SUMMARY:  This is a missing scene from Crystal Skull. Would Daniel really have been standing around idly, watching everyone else fail to find him? 20 KB 
 Mirage in the Desert: SUMMARY:  Stranded, alone, and presumed dead, Daniel realizes that no knowledge is worth attaining if one can never share it. 152 KB 
   Olja Madomharo
SUMMARY: Deception leads SG-1 astray, placing them in the hands of impostors. 104 KB 
    The Absorbers
SUMMARY: Unable to leave a deserted moon island, SG-1 struggles to avoid becoming part of the island's ostensible exhibition. 76 KB  
  It Came to Pass: SUMMARY:  These are missing scenes for Continuum.  48 KB  
 More Than a Man: SUMMARY: Daniel's regained a few more memories, since saving Ryac and Bra'tac on Erebus. 24 KB  
  Smoke Screen: SUMMARY: SG-1 stumbles across their most ancient planet yet. 52 KB      
  Hope: SUMMARY: Can Daniel trust the SGC, and can they trust him? 32 KB  
  The Perojin Solution: SUMMARY: On a seemingly technological world, SG-1 is held hostage while Daniel finds himself on the wrong side of the law, facing charges and a life … or death …sentence. While Major Carter may be SG-1's only hope for rescue, she and Daniel face a potentially deadlier challenge - one originating from within their own bodies.  452 KB  

STORIES 2001-2007
In order of appearance
For Life : SUMMARY: An SG1 member must save a planet...but success means no way home.  46 KB
The Distance Between :  SUMMARY: Another wormhole anomaly, and Daniel gets left behind.  52 KB
End of the Kadar Den : SUMMARY: Strange species, new language -Daniel's been Chosen 48 KB
Mind Over Matter : SUMMARY: Daniel had saved Rasada. Now their government wants him... loosely based on For Life 58 KB
Again : SUMMARY: A mystery on Earth, that only Daniel has the skills to solve. What he finds is the discovery of a lifetime. 62 KB
Almost Forever : SUMMARY: Uncontrollable circumstances lead Daniel to leave the SGC. 82 KB
Abria's Pursuit : SUMMARY: Setting: Daniel's office. Mission: To save a village. Stress Level: High. 32 KB
Across the Line (Bringing Daniel Back) : SUMMARY: As the title suggests, Daniel returns. Post-Meridian. 48 KB
Promise Earth : SUMMARY: SG1 has been entrusted with saving Earth, a mission they can't fulfill. 72 KB
No Butterflies : SUMMARY: Unable to communicate with an alien race, Daniel feels responsible for the team's capture. Captivity (again?) with a twist. 52 KB
Forbidden City : SUMMARY: In a desperate situation, Daniel risks his life to save a teammate. 84 KB
Fire Spirit Son : SUMMARY: A heroic deed leads to a battle for Daniel's spirit. 92 KB
Four for the Price of Children : SUMMARY: SG-1 must atone for an unfortunate offworld accident. 64 KB
Ambiguity : SUMMARY: Heart and warrior…what seems crystal clear upon first reflection may seem transparently questionable from behind the glass. SG-1 becomes trapped in an ambiguous quest for answers; whose way will get them home? (Play along and help them as they go…not that they'll listen.) 72 KB
Human M.A.L.P. : To Die With You : SUMMARY: Daniel plunges into the unknown to help his stranded teammates, but his status as human MALP becomes a perceived error in judgement as he lies near death on a forgotten world. 104 KB
As a Seedling Sprouts/ Reaching for the Sun : SUMMARY: Are seeds of kindness worth the turmoil of their planting? Daniel wants to make a difference, but his eyes see only tragedy. 56 KB
Strength of Decision : SUMMARY: O'Neill and Carter resort to sabotage to save Daniel's future. 34 KB
The Gentle Prince : SUMMARY: One life, fifteen years ahead. While only Sam appears in this short piece, if you know my stories you'll know that Daniel is in here somewhere. 20 KB
Innocent Imprint : SUMMARY: Recurrent memory lapses put Daniel in danger. 64 KB
Dying For Gold :SUMMARY: SG1 pays a heavy price in their search for naquadah. Is their quest always worth it? 92 KB
You Are My... Sunshine :SUMMARY: It's already too late for SG8 when this story opens...but what about SG1? 32 KB
Dead End: SUMMARY: When the case is closed on Daniel's missing teammates, he's determined to do anything necessary to find them. 112 KB
Oversight : SUMMARY: Daniel and Jack have to come to terms with an offworld event. 24 KB
Brothers-in-Arms: SUMMARY: Jack is forewarned of Daniel's impending death. 24 KB
Great Expectations: SUMMARY: Lies and hopes, intermingled and deceptive. After a lengthy away mission, the team looks forward to Daniel coming home. 112 KB
Revealing Beheshu: SUMMARY: Confusion reigns as SG-1 unwittingly steps into the midst of a battlefield. 32 KB
Time in the Superman Booth: SUMMARY: If Daniel and Jack could change their pasts, would they? Only time can tell. 68 KB
BS, N (Both Sides, Now): SUMMARY: In political games, there are the players and the pawned. 40 KB
Cutting Corners: SUMMARY: After releasing his passengers, Daniel finds himself in difficulty. THIS IS A TAG TO LIFEBOAT. 44 KB
Nowhere to Hide : SUMMARY: A warning and threat causes a recently descended Daniel to fear for his team's safety. 80KB
Diamonds Amongst Glass: SUMMARY: On a paranoid tourist planet, SG-1 is accused of being spies. 118 KB
Nickel to my Penny: SUMMARY: Musings; interlude. This is a very short story set right at the close of
Homecoming. As Daniel's memory of his death begins to return, he ponders Jack's past words. 24 KB
Pioneers of the Industry: SUMMARY: SG-1 may have found all the Goa'uld-fighting equipment they could possibly want... but who will know if they can't stay alive long enough to contact Earth? 120 KB
 Stories for a Rainy Day (These three stories are not related to each other in any way.)
Forever Young: SUMMARY: A planet's mercantile practice causes emotional pain for at least one member of SG-1. 52 KB
I, Me, Mine: SUMMARY: An heroic deed brings Daniel's feelings of fallibility close to the surface. 50 KB
Countdown: SUMMARY: Daniel's in trouble. (This is not a team story; only Jack and Daniel appear in this one.) 40 KB
If We Meet Again: SUMMARY: An exploratory undersea investigation turns deadly. 76 KB
Onus: This is just a little tag to Heroes. 12 KB
Future History: SUMMARY: Just Daniel and Jack, on Earth, lured by a strange inscription to the site of an ancient mystery.52k
Crossing Bridges: SUMMARY: Is mind control keeping Daniel from returning home, or are his fears of self-destruction justified? Uncertain, Daniel must shield the others from himself. 76KB
Lost Horizons: SUMMARY: An unexpected environment has its pitfalls, and Daniel's impulsive nature has its uses. 72 KB
Embryos: SUMMARY: A needy civilization forces Daniel to share more than just knowledge. ZINE story, from Foundations 3. 64 KB
Welcome to My Worlds: SUMMARY: Some people are not so gullible about the Cheyenne Mountain secrecy. 32 KB
Vivid Was My Mind: SUMMARY: As Daniel's work effectiveness slacks off, SG1 aims to find out why. 60 KB
Terms of Endorsement: SUMMARY: Daniel's loyalty is put to the test. 40 KB
Indivisible: This is just a little tag to Prometheus Unbound. 16 KB
Catching Sunrise: SUMMARY: Sit back, put your feet up, and go with Daniel to his Happy Place. 40 KB
Bar Coded: SUMMARY: Separated and stranded offworld, Jack and Daniel search for each other. 128 KB
Sparrow: SUMMARY: This is an alternate ending, or AU, for Fire and Water. Sam did not undergo hypnosis when Daniel was left on Oannes. And so, no one went back for him - until now. 52KB
Sky Kings: SUMMARY: An afternoon at an offworld interactive museum may not be as good an idea as SG1 had hoped. 44 KB
Sojourns: SUMMARY: This is an episode tag for Avalon/Origin, S9. 32 KB
Turning the Tide: SUMMARY: After three years, SG-1 returns to Argos. 84 KB
Rat Race: SUMMARY: Rats... more than two. (That about sums it up.) 44 KB
Impediment: SUMMARY: Confusion plus frustration equals no mission accomplished. 44 KB
Godsend to PaDanno: SUMMARY: While negotiating a trade deal, SG1 finds themselves in over their heads. 64 KB
Leaving the Light On: SUMMARY: Jack's POV, post-Meridian. 20 KB
No Shade From a Teqorid Tree: SUMMARY: Offworld, after SG-1 is forced to leave Teal'c behind, Daniel finds himself in a difficult position. 124 KB
Paradise to Paradox: SUMMARY: The only predictable certainty lies in counting on the unpredictable, and SG-1 is in the middle of it. Or so they think. 52 KB
Plain Reactions: SUMMARY: These are missing scenes for Chain Reaction. ZINE story, from Fragments 1. General Bauer has taken over the base and SG-1 is being disbanded. 16 KB
Wherein Lies the Evil: SUMMARY: The Tomb, missing scenes. ZINE story, from Fragments 1. 24 KB
Haggard on the Home Front: SUMMARY: These are missing scenes for Enemy Mine. ZINE story, from Fragments 1. As Daniel risks his life to negotiate with unpredictable Unas, Jack is forced to watch from the sidelines. 20 KB
WE: SUMMARY: (WE: Worthy Equals + US: Undeniably Similar [ Unveiled Sentiments] = WE: Whole Equation) 8 KB
Something's Cruvus: SUMMARY: The Fifth Race, missing scenes. While Jack's brain is downloaded with Ancient information and working at 90% capacity, there's more going on in his mind than anyone could imagine. 20 KB
Capitulation: SUMMARY: Harlan wasn't about to give up his friends so easily; it hadn't even been a few hundred years. Neither would SG-1. 12 KB
Noneh's Arch: SUMMARY: When Daniel breaks the law on an alien world, SG-1 finds themselves unable to reverse his sentence. 96 KB
All in the Cards: SUMMARY: The past comes back to haunt SG-1, as the team is forced to pay a heavy price for prior events. 100 KB
Seconds: SUMMARY: Tag: This adventure continues directly from the end of Avatar. The effects of the virtual reality chair may not have quite worn off yet. 68 KB
The Draft: 181a,b: SUMMARY: What should SG-1 have to put themselves through with each new work shift? Is death really in the job description? 52 KB
Enlightened: SUMMARY: When SG-1 meets up with more of the energy-based life forms from the moon M4C-862, understanding them becomes a matter of life and death. 100 KB
See You Alive: SUMMARY: This is a tag to Shroud. Jack and Daniel have a farewell chat. 16 KB
Over a Barrel: SUMMARY: With little time on their side, Jack and Teal'c must rush to find out what's become of Daniel. ZINE story, from Foundations 7. 76 KB
Bishmal's Regret: SUMMARY: Offworld team adventure. A man's love for his pet may wreak havoc in ways SG-1 never anticipated. 64 KB

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